There is a very interesting post on the Graphic Design Forum Blogs called The Changing Face of Wine Bottles. It goes into how wine companies are now shifting some of their focus to a younger crowd. Some of this shift involves the design of the labels, packaging and display graphics.

As a designer, I have always taken notice of wine labels. I love to browse through them as I look for a wine that will suit my taste. There are always a few that catch my eye and really make an impression. It appears that the wine companies are now trying to do this more and more. It’s not just with the labels. I have found that there are better package designs on the boxed wines and more extensive display graphics found in liquor stores. With a shift appearing to be in a direction of the new “hip” younger crowd (I like to think I am still part of it), it makes me think that this could be a very specific “niche” for the right designer.

Thanks to Steve of team for bringing this information to light. This definitely has my gears turning.

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